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"Fatima, a breath of the Spirit"

Animation movie about Fátima for young people.


The Message of Fatima



The event of Fatima

Fatima takes place as an eruption of God’s light amid the shadows of human History. At the dawn of the Twentieth century, the promise of mercy echoed in the dryness of Cova da Iria, recalling to a world entrenched in conflict and avid for a word of hope the good news of an encounter promised in hope, as grace and mercy.


The Narrative of the Apparitions of Fatima

In 1915, on the top of Monte do Cabeço, Lucia and her three companions - Teresa Matias, her sister Maria Rosa and Maria Justino - witnessed manifestations thus described in the seer's Memoirs.


Chronology of the Seers

Chronology of Lucia de Jesus, Saint Francisco and Saint Jacinta Marto, seers of the Apparitions of Fatima.

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