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Pilgrimage routes

For those who wish to make a pilgrimage on foot to Fatima, 6 pilgrimage routes are proposed, based on the pilgrimage routes already established and signposted. Each route is associated with a theme linked to the message of Fatima and has a church as its starting point:



Route with Saint Jacinta Marto

from the Parish Church of Nossa Senhora da Piedade (Ourem)

Length: 12 km.


Route with Saint Francisco Marto

from the Chapel of Our Lady of Ortiga (Fatima)

Length: 5,5 km.


Route with Our Lady of the Rosary

from the Parish Church of São Mamede (S. Mamede)

Length: 5 km.


Route with Sister Lucia of Jesus

from the Parish Church of Nossa Senhora da Assunção (Minde)

Length: 17 km.


Route with the Immaculate Heart of Mary

from the Church of Santa Quitéria (Chainça)

Length: 6,2 km.


Route with the Angel of Peace

from the Chapel of Nossa Senhora do Monte


Length: 12 km.

Young Pilgrim Itinerary

For a prayerful, spiritual and cultural experience in the area of the Shrine of Fatima, there are itineraries available that lead the young pilgrim to learn about the apparitions of Fatima, the spirituality of the seers and the architectural and artistic heritage of the Shrine.


Workshops on the message of Fatima

Groups visiting the Shrine are offered the possibility to take part in a brief workshop about the Fatima event and message, lasting 25 minutes. These moments will take place in the Basilica of the Most Holy Trinity, with free admission, at 10:15 am and at 5:45 pm. 
Participants will get to know in a brief and concise way the apparitions, the seers and some of the key elements of the message of Fatima, such as the adoration, the sacrifice, the rosary and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. 
The daily plan, with the information of the language in each schedule (Portuguese, English, French or Spanish, depending on the groups present in the Shrine each day), is being defined and will be available in due course.

Workshops schedule

Basilica of the Most Holy Trinity

DAY English French Italian Spanish
July 24th

10:15 am

5:45 pm

July 25th 5:45 pm 10:15 am    
July 26th 5:45 pm 10:15 am    
July 27th 5:45 pm 10:15 am    
July 28th 5:45 pm 10:15 am    
July 29th 5:45 pm     10:15 am
July 30th

10:15 am

July 31st        
August 1st 5:45 pm     10:15 am
August 2nd 10:15 am     5:45 pm
August 3rd     10:15 am 5:45 pm
August 4th 10:15 am     5:45 pm
August 5th        
August 6th        
August 7th

10:15 am

5:45 pm

August 8th 10:15 am     5:45 pm
August 9th

10:15 am

5:45 pm

August 10th

10:15 am

5:45 pm

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