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Where to stay: Youth Village


The Youth Village is a space that will be prepared with a set of facilities to enhance the ability to welcome the many groups of young people who flock to the Shrine of Fatima on the occasion of World Youth Day.

The Youth Village will be located in Park 12, next to the Paul XVI Pastoral Center.

Coordinates: Latitude: 39°37'36.06 "N | Longitude: 8°40'38.94 "W


The Youth Village space will be available with all its facilities in the period between July 24 and August 10, 2023, and will have:

Tent space for meals

  • Available 24 hours, with an estimated daily usage capacity of up to 2500 people, with the possibility of staying on site or take away
  • Vending machines will be available with hot and cold drinks, snacks, sandwiches, etc... During meal times it also provides light meals such as salads, sandwiches, puff pastries, bread with sausage, fine pastries, etc;
  • Internet access via wi-fi is available;
  • It is forbidden to smoke or drink alcoholic beverages in this place.
  • The dining area will also be available for all pilgrims.

Support with toilets and showers

  • Toilets available 24 hours a day, including for disabled people, as well as showers. This assistance is available to all pilgrims free of charge.

Space for cantonment

Com pernoita em tenda com capacidade para cerca de 1000 jovens em permanência. A alojamento é gratuito.

O apoio que o Santuário oferece funciona da seguinte forma:

  • Check-in is carried out at the service desk in the Youth Village between 10.30am and 1pm and between 2.30pm and 7.30pm;
  • the accommodation is for one night;
  • reservations accepted:
    • Young people will be attended to on a first-come, first-served basis, with registration being done on an individual basis and done personally;
    • in order to register, the youngster will have to provide his personal data;
    • whenever necessary, we will provide a kit with clothes that are indispensable for sleeping and showering;
    • the overnight stay is on mattresses,
    • the check-out is done until 9.00am of the following day;
    • it is forbidden to smoke or drink alcoholic beverages.

Camping site

  • The camping space included in the Youth Village is located next to the Papa Francisco Youth Space, bordering the João XXII Avenue.
  • Coordinates: Latitude: 39°37'25.27 "N | Longitude: 8°40'24.50 "W
  • The camping space has an available area of about 25 thousand m2 for an estimated capacity of 1500 users and will be available for young people who bring a tent.
  • Access to the space is controlled, subject to maximum capacity, and there are toilets and showers.


For more information about the Youth Village: jmj2023@fatima.pt.


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